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Our compañy: Route of Rice

RUTA DE ARROZ (THE RICE ROUTE) is a digital medium that is responsible for producing, collecting, organizing and transmitting information on the international and regional activities of the rice market, comparing and integrating global trends and prospects. is permanently updated 24 hours a day; and also has a weekly issue.

Wholly reliable, it contains the opinion of specialists with a global vision, financial and productive data, and business, industrial and agricultural information.

The innovative treatment of its contents and the interaction among its members make it an agile, entertaining and updated means of communication.


· Being first with news on the rice sector.

· Selecting the most relevant news at a local, national and international level.

· Reporting technological advances in inputs.

· Keeping abreast of all sector activities: training, courses, meetings, seminars, congresses, etc.

· Quoting opinions of worldwide business specialists.

· Guiding entrepreneurs, planters, executives and professionals towards the right decisions.

· Providing a forum for contact and interaction to all actors in the sector.


Our digital portal is designed to meet the information needs of all members of the rice chain with the purpose of integrating the business world and regional economies. Our readers are planters, businessmen, executives, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and students, as well as investors.

Our readers find us thanks to our ongoing work with Google, Google +, Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn), so we are read in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, USA, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and many other countries that access our newsletter which contains articles, graphic material and reports of general interest to all sectors of the rice business. We provide the latest news on the financial and economic situation, climate changes and new technologies worldwide.

Our experience in providing detailed and updated information in this field allows us to suggest strategies that favor the expansion of our readers' business, services and/or products; making it possible for them to attract potential customers in the food and agribusiness sector, both internationally and nationally.


· We interact with all types of commercial and institutional actors in the sector: planters, government agencies, NGOs, industries, traders and brokers. We prepare reports with indicators, according to our customers' needs and concerns.

· We study the market.

· We provide news.

· We follow global developments relating to rice.

· We design corporate image campaigns.

· We inform on events: congresses, seminars, conferences, meetings and product launches.


· Weekly Newsletter.

· Website.

. E-Blast.